Essay on corn ethanol

The conversion the corn-based substance into a useable fuel is a process which in and of itself is demanding of a number or resources and process. In the enjoyment of these benefits, energy has been harnessed mostly from non-renewable energy resources.

Also, there will be more pressure to move land from ethanol production into food production. Stored at only psi is efficient to carry and fill. Red River essay on cellulosic ethanol Farm Network News.

It is better for the environment as it reduces green house gases but at the moment the limited amount of potential users and the availability and stability of crops significantly impacts the effectiveness of using ethanol as a fuel along with the ethical issues that need to be considered.

The cost of electricity and the carbon cost to recharge batteries and replace used batteries makes this less attractive environmentally but it is a viable alternative from a fuel CO2 emissions point of view. Compressed Natural Gas requires a total purpose built infrastructure and for the foreseeable future will only be used for long haul freight as there are not many places to fill up.

Such tariffs may be a disadvantage to a US company doing business abroad as the host countries may also decide to impose tariffs on its products. The set-up with the white sugar has mL of Santol juice and has produced 49 mL of ethanol.

Sugarcane and Soy Bean Ethanol are the two types of plants that yield the highest energy. First was the fermentation phase, then the distillation phase, and lastly, the testing phase. There are, however, some issues that have been raised against the use of ethanol as a bio fuel. Sugarcane or partial Sugarcane reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 56 percent.

And only time will tell if we truly have what it takes to pull our act together and save our planet before it's too late. Typically, such strides have taken place in the confines of research laboratories and universities, with industries steadfastly resisting the adoption of more efficient technologies.

From Farm to Fuel Tank: 5 Eco-Friendly Crops Grown for Gas and Diesel

For example, bees and other pollinators may be adversely affected by not having a variety of food sources. International Institute for Environment and Development, Sep Thus the project is called to explore the potential of ethanol from Santol peelings and comparing its ethanol to that of the commercial one.

Current methods to produce ethanol, a biofuel, involve a multi-step process to extract the sugars in the plant matter and convert them to alcohol over five to 10 days.

To produce the mash, the chopped peelings, together with the distilled water were blended.

Ethanol Fuel Essay

The RFS program was developed in collaboration with refiners, renewable fuel producers, and many other stakeholders. In car engines not designed for alcohol fuels, ethanol can cause deterioration of the rubber and plastic parts of the fuel system meaning many cars are unable to safely use ethanol fuel.

Join now to read essay Ethanol. In the early ’s, Ethanol, which is commonly produced from corn, came in to the renewable fuel source scene, as the solution fossil fuel dependency. Ethanol started out as a replacement for the fuel additive Methylyertiarary, As early asEthanol was used as an octane booster, and consumers were.

Examples of sources for cellulosic ethanol include corn stover, cereal straws, sugarcane bagasse, sawdust, paper pulp, small diameter trees, and dedicated energy crops such as switch grass.

Table 1 shows conversion factors for the different feedstocks. Then the ethanol, big-corn guys come and bump him off.” Cassie Fleming is a rising senior at the University of Nebraska. The views expressed in this essay are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

One would think that ethanol (which is made from corn), would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air since it is a plant.

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Essay on cellulosic ethanol

Order Now. Wet Mill Ethanol Process. In wet milling, the grain is first separated into its basic components through soaking.

After steeping, the slurry is processed through grinders to separate the corn germ. Farmers have begun to see the ethanol boom as lucrative incentive for corn production, which in its most positive sense has raised their incomes and “given new hope to flagging rural economies.” We will write a custom essay sample on Ethanol Fuel specifically for you.

Essay on corn ethanol
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The Corn Ethanol Industry Essay