Jsw shoppe essay

Furthermore, it would be possible to monitor the sales and performance of dealers, enable better logistics and supply chain management and give a clearer understanding of consumer preferences. Also, they do not send their personnel to training as they think of training as a waste of time.

This lack of transparency was also felt by the dealers. Findings show that by using an original, creative and different advertising strategies, companies can develop higher brand awareness and positive perceptions of their brands Buil, de Chernatony, and Martinez Dealers were not interested to invest in IT infrastructure.

Three names were considered for the outlets: Key challenges were to design a sophisticated ordering process, branding the suppy chain, create a cost and revenue sharing model with the dealers and deigning the standard floor layout.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. JSW could have done more than hiring a vehicle showcasing the concept. Dealers also pointed out that the company was providing standardized products and that sometimes the customers were unhappy with this as they were not getting the customized products as quickly as before.

Short term measures should be to educate the local population by focusing on advertising and to start attracting people by creating JSW Shoppe a home brand.

JSW Shoppe Essay

After the meeting with Jindal, Mahendra and his team were ecstatic, but there were several challenges in front of them. The big issue was that after implementation of new model, company started giving them standardized products and they were not getting customized products as quickly as earlier.

Through this model we are not targeting customers who will buy in tones; we are focusing on customers who buy in kilograms by assuring continuous supply of steel Execution of model was done in four phases. The most critical issue was that there was no system in place to measure the performance of the dealers, and therefore no basis upon which to determine their incentives.

Many complained that they had never used computers, and asking them to handle sophisticated software to maintain the MIS — Another issue put forward by the dealers was that the company was forcing them to sell all the products and expand their stock with new products: This new model increased their workload and they are most likely to be the one who are resistant to change Ulle and Ruth They did not like the inspection of the Shoppe by the company officials and found it difficult to maintain the management information system MIS as per the standards prescribed by the company.

As we propose to double our production we need an exclusive distribution network to reach the more remote areas. JSW also initiated some marketing efforts which helped them to make the customer aware about their product.

As noted by Mahendra, in order to make JSW a favourable brand in the eyes of end-users, rebranding and positioning of JSW was necessary. The outlets would offer customers the unique experience of buying steel products through a branded distribution channel.

Also, guidelines and monitoring mechanism for dealers should be in place. Being a pioneer in this space, Mahendra had firsthand experience of the challenges and issues faced during implementation, so to stay ahead in the race, JSW has to keep its promise of steady supply of material and keep on innovating new techniques to make the business model more profitable.

Mahindra got the model report approved by Aacharya and also got an Enthusiastic Response at Jindal Mansion.

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The challenge was to brand the whole distribution channel and simultaneously increase the visibility of the brand manifold. Competition would demand new strategies so as to sustain in the market.

To ensure this, company was contemplating a hub and spoke distribution model. Smaller buyers fabrication units, home users, end users are dependent on dealers to procure steel supplies. Also, since the dealers are more inclined to sell one variety of product, they may not be ready to sell a basket of products as proposed by new model.

Some dealers were of the opinion that the company wanted to do away with the dealers in the long-run. Conclusion In order to achieve the desired results, company should increase the advertising efforts.

Also, setting goals for sales team is one of the main processes for effective management of sales forces Morelli and Braganza They conducted meeting and provided trainings to the executives of the pro and cons of this model. Steel was perceived as a business-to-business product.

jsw shoppe — a unique distribution model for branded steel brief of case.

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JSW Shoppe - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. In the JSW steel Shoppe model there are major lacks in dealer performances measurement and the most critical issue was that there was no system in place to measure the performance of the dealers.

JSW Shoppe – Unique Distribution Model for Branded Steel Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Capacity of 40 million passengers annually. It has the country's tallest airport escalator at meters. It has the largest and longest cable wall system in the world. JSW Shoppe - Unique Distribution Model for Branded Steel Case Solution,JSW Shoppe - Unique Distribution Model for Branded Steel Case Analysis, JSW Shoppe - Unique Distribution Model for Branded Steel Case Study Solution, Organised retailing steel was not a very popular concept among steel producers in India.

There were very few. JSW SHOPPE — A UNIQUE DISTRIBUTION MODEL FOR BRANDED STEEL Brief of Case JSW is a manufacturing plant producing steel pipes, bends and sockets and was one of many low-cost steel producers in the world and favored bulk buyers.

Jsw shoppe essay
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