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The colonists had admitted many times that they did not mind paying a tariff that was meant to regulate trade. The debate on this issue was only brief with the passing of the Stamp Act which was not so popular in the colonies.

Tensions between the colonists and British troops finally boiled over on March 5,when British soldiers shot into an angry mob, killing five American colonists in an event known as the Boston Massacre.

The acts posed an immediate threat to established traditions of colonial self-government, especially the practice of taxation through representative provincial assemblies. The British government continued in its attempt to tax the colonists without their consent and the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution followed.

All of the tea that had been left on the merchant ships was dumped into the Boston Harbor in response to this newly lowered tax on tea. He further said that the act is setting a dangerous precedent.

To help augment the costs of the constantly expanding empire, the British Parliament to impose taxes on the new colonies of British America through the Trade and Navigation Acts. This time, the colonists were so serious about not purchasing anything with any tax on it that went to the British government that they signed a pact amongst themselves stating that they would not purchase any goods coming to the colonies from England.

By December, two widely circulated documents had united colonists in favor of a boycott of British goods. Grenville did, however, remain in Parliament and voted to tax the colonies every chance he had. Free Essays Must Be Free. Repeal of the Townshend Acts Bymore than 2, British troops had arrived in Boston to restore order — a large number considering only about 16, people lived in Boston at the time.

He said, "I cannot understand the difference between external and internal taxes. British officials then ordered the dissolution of the Massachusetts General Court if it failed to withdraw its circular letter ;the court refused, by a vote of 92 to 17, and was dismissed.

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Townshend Acts

He estimated the duties would raise approximately 40, pounds, with most of the revenue coming from tea. The Townshend Acts were finally lifted, but the damage had already been done. To placate the colonists as well as Parliament, Townshend said that the external "duties when collected would be applied to the support of civil government in the colonies and any residue would be sent to England"[ 28 ].

These were payable at colonial ports and fell on lead, glass, paper, paint, and tea. Parliament wanted a plan that would convince the colonists to pay their taxes. An external tax, however, would be treated with a bit more respect in the colonies -- or at least, that is what Parliament was led to believe.

Tea was now less expensive in the colonies that it was in England.

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How true those words were. And the realization that they would never willingly pay their taxes to the British Crown turned out to be "the beginning of the end"[ 32 ].

With no elected members to the British Parliament, many colonists were threatened of this new development and deemed as not only a violation of their rights but it also crosses the line of the constitutional doctrine of taxation.

He also delved on the unconstitutional raising of revenues. Essay on Dbq Causes of Revolutionary War; Essay on Dbq Causes of Revolutionary War.

Words Oct 8th, 3 Pages. DBQ’s – Questions and Answers Why did he object to the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts? Dickinson objected to the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts because he did not have the authority to levy taxes.

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The Townshend Acts’ repeal of the Stamp Act left Britain's financial problems unresolved. Parliament had not given up the right to tax the colonies and inat the urging of chancellor of the Exchequer Charles Pete Townshend Essay. Essay on The Townshend Acts The Townshend Acts In Charles Townshend who was the chancellor of the exchequer, created the Townshend Acts.

The Townshend Acts were approved by British Parliament on June June 2, and were repealed April 12, Effects of the Townshend Act The passing of the Acts was due to the fact that the mother country had to show the colonists that they had to pay the mother country had the right to tax them, rise revenue to pay the governors, and as well as maintaining justice.

Townshend Acts: Townshend Acts, series of four acts passed by the British Parliament in in an attempt to exert authority over the American colonies.

They were composed of the Suspending Act, the Townshend duties (Revenue Act), the act that created the Board of the Customs Commissioners, and the Indemnity Act.

Townshend acts essay
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